Angelika Kaufmann

Angelika Kaufmann The artist from Germany comes to the international Beadcamp Switzerland

Lampwork Camp 6 Angelika Kaufmann

Tuesday 17.4.2018 (9.00) to 21.4.2018

Angelika Kaufmann speaks - German - English


Focus on Beadcamp:

Workshop, course 5 days; Aquarell string painting on white Background more Info.....


Needed Tools:
These tools are provided on request, here you will find Tools in the Shop.
1 Protective glasses Didymium
1 larger lentil or crunch press
1 flat tongs
1 tweezers for stringing

Description: Camp 6 Angelika Kaufmann

Her Website:

Reservation and costs Beadcamps

Reservation and costs Beadcamps

Here is the link directly to the costs and registration page of

Here is the download of the registration form with Hotel Informations, to complete by hand, please be sure to specify the artist the beadcamp number and your address exactly. The costs can be found in the application form. You will also find information about the accommodation in Winterthur.

Tickets for the Lampwork Shows 27. + 28.4 with the glass artists are possible to buy from November 2017 onwards. Thank you for your understanding.

Camp 6 Pictures Beads Made by Angelika Kaufmann

Angelika Kaufmann Flower Roses August 2015
Angelika Kaufmann Flower Roses August 2015
Angelika Kaufmann Earrings Lenses August 2016
Angelika Kaufmann Earrings Lenses August 2016

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