Davide Penso Glass

Beadcamp with Davide Penso Murano From Murano, Davide Penso arrives at the International Pearl Festival in Winterthur

Camp 10 Davide Penso Hollow Beads

Davide Penso Glass beads blown
Davide Penso Glass beads blown

Unfortunately, we had to cancel Davide Penso's bead camp (as of 2.2.2018)

NO CAMP Monday 23. April (13.30) bis 28. April (12.00) 2018

Davide Pensol speak

 - Englisch - Italienisch

Focus on Beadcamp:

- Bubble beading techniques Balls Cones
- great different shapes, colors
- more info ........



Needed tools:
These tools are provided on request, here you will find Tools in the shop.
1 Protective glasses Didymium
1 Your personal tool
1 small glassblower pipes 38cm if possible

pdf Description: Camp 10 Davide Penso

Web Site: http://www.davidepenso.com/

Reservation and costs Beadcamps

Reservation and costs Beadcamps

Here is the link directly to the costs and registration page of beadcamp.ch

Here is the download of the registration form with Hotel Informations, to complete by hand, please be sure to specify the artist the beadcamp number and your address exactly. The costs can be found in the application form. You will also find information about the accommodation in Winterthur.

Tickets for the Lampwork Shows 27. + 28.4 with the glass artists are possible to buy from November 2017 onwards. Thank you for your understanding.

Images of Davide Penso Glass Beads

Davide Penso Murano Glass Academy
Davide Penso Murano Glass Academy

Davide Penso Kurs 27.-29. Oktober 2017

Davide Penso in Winterthur 2016
Davide Penso in Winterthur 2016



Davide Penso ist im Oktober 2017 in Winterthur 2 Tageskurs und 1 Tag Advanced 2


Kurs 108E Davide Penso 2 Tage spezial
Basiskurs und Aufbaukurs 1, Perlen blasen Kursleitung Davide Penso Englisch
Kosten 2 Tage Fr. 790.-

Flyer Kursauschreibung 27. bis 29. Oktober 2017

Kurs 109E Davide Penso 1 Tag fortgeschrittene Aufbaukurs 2 Perlen blasen

Advanced with Davide Penso 1 Tag Englisch Fr. 390.-

Flyer Kursauschreibung 29. Oktober 2017

Murano Glass Academy

Glaskünstler Davide Penso aus Murano bei Venedig Hohlperlen blasen tollen Schmuck herstellen

Davide Penso ist mindestens eine Woche am Beadcamp in Winterthur und wird seine Technik mit einem Grundlagen Repetitionsteil beginnen. Danach wird er......

Davide Penso Video Live in Murano Glaskünstler