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Beadcamp Switzerland international Artists 3 Weeks

Bead Camp week 1 and 2

In the first two weeks  (27.10.-1. Oktober. 2022) and (04.10.-08. Oktober 2022), the following glass artists from the USA, from England, Germany and Switzerland will each have five teaching days Bead Camps, Workshops for beginner and advanced.

The glass beading classes listed here are guaranteed Made 2022, registrations are still possible.


1. Woche Beadcamp Glaskunst:
27.09.2022 bis 1.10. 2022

2. Woche Camps Glaskunst:
04. 10.2022 - 08.10.2022 Camp 7: Amanda Muddimer (GB)




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3rd Camp Week + Bead Market, Show

In the third Beadcamp week (Monday, 23 April-28 April 2018) we will start the following Camps. In addition, on the weekend show artists and a bead Market.

The glass beading classes listed here are guaranteed Made 2018, registrations are still possible.

3rd week Beadcamps:
23. April - 28. April 2018
Camp 9: Corina Tettinger USA
Camp 11: Claudia Trimbur-Pagel France beads and SILVER JEWELERY

3rd week Bead, Jewelery market and artist demos:
Glass beads sale and demonstrations by international artists at the big bead market and show weekend.

27. and 28. April Bead market show, artist:

Angela Meier (CH)
With Corina, Claudia and ...moore

International Artists Live / Beadmarket at Winterthur April 27. and 28. 2018

The Weekend Glass Art Demo and Glass Beads, Art Market:

Fridayl 2.00 pm Opening of Beadmarket, Jewelrymarket and Artist's Shop until Saturday 28th April 2018 20.00

Friday Programm 27.4.2018 Glass Art Demo Liveshow:

Opening of the Beadmarket 14.00 Uhr

- 17.00 Livedemo with Angela Meier Silver Glass Winterthur
- Tea break :-)
- 18.30 Livedemo with Claudia Trimbur
19.30 Livedemo with Corina Tettinger USA

21.00 h End of the Table fair Pearl Market, Art Market Today

Samstagsprogramm 28.4.2018 Glaskunst Demo Liveshow:

Opening of the door Table fair Pearl Market 10am

- 15.00 Livedemo with Corina Tettinger USA
- 16.00 Livedemo with Angela Meier Silberglas Winterthur
- Tea break :-)
- 17.30 Livedemo with Claudia Trimbur

8.00 pm END of the Table fair Pearl Market, and BEADCAMP Glass Art Bead making!

Our Team Beadcamp Winterthur Switzerland Glass beads Lampwork making Jewelry

[Translate to Englisch:] Team Beadcamp Schweiz

Team Beadcamp

Winterthur Switzerland

In the case of large-scale events, the core team of Susanne, Claudia and Sandra is always on the go with a little reinforcement. Teampicture "Züspamesse Creativa Zürich" Autumn 2016.

[Translate to Englisch:] Susanne Forster Beadcamp

Susanne Forster



Beadcamp and Jewelry Accessories atore; Susanne works in the Shop She is also responsible for Beadcamp and a Pearl Workshop at Rudolfdieselstrasse 28 Winterthur.

Sandra + Claudia

The "Beadteam"

Glass Bead Courses, International Art Clay Instructor, Fashion Jewelry.
Sandra Alder, Claudia Blättler Team Glass Shop, Tools and Jewelry Accessories. ONLINESHOP

[Translate to Englisch:] Technik Team Gas Glas Sauersteoff Strom und

Camp technician

Systems developer

Sacha, Robin and Peter will help with the Beadcamp Constructions.

  • Gas burner

  • Oxygen systems

  • Electrical installations

  • and a lot ...... :-)...