Partners and Sponsors

Sponsors Partner Employees Helpers of Beadcamps Glass Beads Lampwork Workshops 5 Days PARTNER BEADCAMP three Weeks in Winterthur :-)

New sponsors

Main sponsor or gold sponsor of the international glass art meeting, Lampwork and Beads in Winterthur will be .......

The first Swiss Beadcamp in Winterthur will be held in April 2018. Please get in contact with us.

Here is the German application form for sponsors.

Main Sponsor make glass beads

Main Sponsor make Glass Beads Lampwork
Main Sponsor Glass Beads Lampwork


Glass beads with two Gas Burners

The company Bethlehem Burner from the USA provides at the Beadcamp all gas burners, more than 30 branch burner systems have to be equipped.

We at neus Shop will prepare the workstations for the Beadcamps courses with the necessary installations.

Your advantages as a Partner

- Tickets for the artists' live performances

- Beadcamp T-Shirts

- Advertising space as main sponsor in the flyers (Print Date August 2017)

- banner advertising and its own trilingual website;
   Bethlehem table burner

- 100 beadcampfers

- Posters in the Beadcamp Workshops

- Very good possibilities for your Product presentation;
   Effetre Murano glass bars ONLINE at Neus Shop
   Stand at the Pearl and Jewelery Market from 27/28 April 2018

Beadcamp staff help with setting up

We need employees for the Beadcamp.

  • Assistance with erection and disassembly (9 and 30 April 2018)
  • Experienced pearl artists and pearls who accompany the workshops for the laity. Friday, 27 April from 14.00 or Saturday 28 April 10.00 to 20.00
  • Room supervision at the workshops Help for the artists. Control the oven, provide material and burner controls
  • Watch at the Jewelery Shop

Do you have anymore questions?

Bethlehem the Torches Public Glass Art Demonstration Lampwork with Bravo Torch and Pearl Market Date 27 and 28 April 2018

Alpha Torch


Glass rods    16 mm
Glass tubes   19 mm
Oxygen         13 l / min
Nozzles         6
Max. Power   3kW


Bravo Torch

Lampworkers Top

Glass rods     26 mm
Glass tubes   38 mm
Oxygen         30 l/Min
Nozzles         6+12
Max. Power   10 kW


Champion Torch

Glass Artist Industrie

Glass rods     44 mm
Glass tubes   80 mm
Oxygen        42 l/Min
Nozzels         6+30
Max. Power   13 kW


Grand Torch

Glass Art Industrie

Glass rods     50 mm
Glass tubes  200 mm
Oxygen         60 l/Min
Nozzels          6+12+24
Max. Power   20kW


Produkt Video Alpha Bethlehem Burner Beadcamp System